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trategy of development is an important guidance for a company's operation and developing. Since the company set up, our head has constructed the all-waved Principle and strategy of our company to make sure well running of the company:

Brand Strategy:
---Brand is the life of the Enterprise
---Brand of GDG is symbol of Good&Continous Quality.
---To maintain the GDG with good&Continous quality.

Marketing Strategy:
---Maintain market share of local & Inland Market
---Develop Oversea Market Rapidly.
---To learn & Understand Standard from abroad and meet the standards gradually.
---To learn and Understand the request from clients, study on how to provide most suitable materials.
--- Non-Windfall Profit marketing.
--- Concentrate in establishing long-term partnership with clients

Competition Strategy:
---Compete in Market based on Comprehensive Advantages.
---Non-Malicious Competition

Developing Strategy:
---Operate&Expand with integrity.
---Expand step by step.
---Expand with diversity.
---Expand based on solidarity of teams and staffs.
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