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refinished Plywood is is the Plywood Varnished by UV Paint.All Pre-finished must have 5 layers of UV coats with 3 epoxy/ polyester acrylate sealer coats and 2 premium epoxy acrylate UV top coats. It is available in a variety of core thicknesses and hardwood face and back combinations for numerous design options.Depened by the final application, Face Lacquered or both Face&Back acquered can be the Options. UV Prefinished Plywood is widely used in Interior&Exterior Furniture Making.

Following is the UV Prefinished Panel We can Supply:
---UV Prefinished Birch Plywood
---UV Prefinished Birch Face/Back Poplar Plywood
---UV PrefinishedAsh Plywood
---UV Prefinished Beech Plywood
---UV Prefinished Cherry Plywood
---UV Prefinished Maple Plywood
---UV Prefinished Oak Plywood
---UV Prefinished Teak Plywood
---UV Prefinished Sapele Plywood
---UV Prefinished Walnut Plywood
---UV Prefinished Veneered Fancy MDF
---UV Prefinished Veneered Fancy Chipboard

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